Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DIY Rope Baskets

 Sometimes I do things and wonder why? About a month ago, I purchased a bunch of rope that I saw online. It seemed like a good idea; however, I really didn't have a plan in mind when I made the purchase. I guess that's impulse buying… Today, I put the rope to use. While doing my laundry room makeover, the idea of making rope storage baskets popped into my head. I'm glad I had that rope… an argument for creating a stash. I covered a plain white waste basket from Target,  three plain white dirty dishes tubs from Walmart and a large coffee can. The liners are faux, made from a Home Depot drop cloth, because the lazy side of me took over. The total cost of  creating the 5 containers about $35.00 . I think the frugal side of me is happy.

Gettin' Krafty With It

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  1. Wow, that is am impressive project. I love the fact that you just bought rope without a plan for using it. Definitely a good example of why you "need" a stash!

  2. Love these baskets! Rope is one of those things you can always use for so many things! Good decison. Thanks for sharing!